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Karl Nightingale

Prof. Karl Nightingale is a Reader in Bioscience Education, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King's College London, United Kingdom.

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Keith Francis Joiner

Dr. Keith Francis Joiner is a senior lecturer in Test, Evaluation & Aircraft Systems at the University of NSW's campus in Canberra for the Australian Defence Force Academy. 
He joined the Air Force in 1985. He became an aeronautical engineer, project manager and teacher over a 30-year career before joining the University of New South Wales (NSW) in 2015 as a senior lecturer in test and evaluation. He first studied education in his doctorate on improving pedagogy in calculus education with Curtin University's Science and Mathematics Education Centre (1995-99). Understandably, that work covered collaborative and computer-based learning, classroom environments and inclusive curriculum. Before his current academic tenure, Dr Joiner did two periods teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of NSW as a visiting military fellow (1997-99; 2006).

Dr Joiner's educational research involves collaborative learning, student peer-critiquing, teaching through simulation, and exploratory-based learning. With his engineering experience, he also researches managing and governing complex systems, especially through testing, evaluation, cybersecurity, acquisition reform, modelling and simulation, and resilience measures. He examines the effects on governing complex systems from malicious cyber-threats, increased dependence on ICT and IS, and new artificial intelligence. He teaches test and evaluation techniques (aka design of experiments) to postgraduate master students and aircraft design to undergraduate students at the University of NSW's campus in Canberra for the Australian Defence Force Academy.