Dissertation / Thesis

Dissertations are written by postgraduate students to get a licentiate or doctoral degree. The purpose of a dissertation is for students to prove that they know the earlier research within the discipline, master the area of research methodology, and can also contribute with new knowledge within the specific topic they write about. Therefore, dissertations also serve as very good overviews of earlier research and provide the reader with extensive reference lists. Sometimes, a dissertation consists of several articles that have been published in journals plus a comprehensive summary. These are called summary dissertations.

Student theses are written by university students, usually on the level of bachelor or master. Student theses do not carry the scientific weight of licentiate and doctoral dissertations, but they may also provide you with suggestions for other references, methodology and working methods within the field.

Note: the above content is directly quoted from the University Library Guides offered by the University Library at Jönköping University

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