Min LAN | Lecturer | Doctor of Philosophy | Zhejiang Normal University,  Jinhua | College of Teacher Education

Dr. Min LAN is an assistant professor at the College of Teacher Education at Zhejiang Normal University (浙江师范大学教师教育学院). He holds a doctoral degree from The University of Hong Kong and has expertise in technology-enhanced learning, online education, blended learning, pedagogy and education. 

Latest published articles:
Tan, C. Y., Pan, Q., Zhang, Y., Lan, M., & Law, N. (2022). Parental Home Monitoring and Support and Students’ Online Learning and Socioemotional Well-Being During COVID-19 School Suspension in Hong Kong. Frontiers in Psychology, 3198.

Lan, M., Law, N., & Pan, Q. (2022). Effectiveness of anti-cyberbullying educational programs: A socio-ecologically grounded systematic review and meta-analysisComputers in Human Behavior, 107200.

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