José Manuel Sáez López

José Manuel Sáez López is a Associate Professor at the National University of Distance Education (UNED) Spain. His scientific and academic work has been published in 53 specialized journals, 27 of impact (9 JCR and 18 Scopus). TOTAL: 27 STUDIES meeting the criteria (22 as 1st author) (8 JCR-Q1, 1 JCR-Q4, 18 Scopus (Q1=1, Q2= 10, Q3= 4, Q4= 3). Their lines of research are integration of Educational Technology, Didactics, visual programming, robotics, and methodological strategies. With this activity, the scientific contributions are related to the integration of technology in the classroom, coding, robotics, augmented reality and teaching methodology; The contributions are relevant as they are part of national and international projects, with impact publications and citations from the international scientific community. The books and chapters (SPI) have an academic and training impact on subjects and Higher Education. The 5 projects described have funding, obtained in competitive processes, scientific and technical capabilities are acquired with meta-analysis, application of statistics, strategies, techniques and instruments; translations, collaboration in networks-universities, and leadership in outstanding research (in 22 as 1st author). HIGH CITATION in WOS and Google Scholar.

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