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Cesar Navarrete

Cesar Navarrete is an Assistant Professor in Department of Education at St. Francis College, USA.

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Charoula Angeli-Valanides

Dr. Charoula Angeli-Valanides is Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Cyprus. She has undergraduate and graduate studies at Indiana University-Bloomington, USA (BS in Computer Science, MS in Computer Science, and Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology). She also pursued post-doctoral studies at the well-respected Learning Research and Development Center (LRCDC) at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. Her research interests include the utilization of educational technologies in K-12, the design of computer-enhanced curricula, joint cognitive systems, distributed cognition, technological pedagogical content knowledge, educational software design, teacher training, teaching methodology, online learning, and the design of learning environments for the development of thinking skills.

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Chijioke Jonathan Olelewe

Chijioke Jonathan Olelewe works as a Lecturer in Faculty of Vocational Technical Education, at University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria.

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Chun-Yen Chang

Professor Chang is currently a chair professor of National Taiwan Normal University, the director of the Science Education Center, a joint professor of the Science Education Research Institute and the Department of Earth Sciences. In the past, he served as a visiting professor at the Education University of Hong Kong, Paris VIII University and Taipei Medical University. His research interests mainly cover science education, digital learning, learning science across domains, and science communication. Professor Chang has long served as a member of the preliminary review and review committee of special research projects of the Science and Technology Development and International Cooperation Division of the National Science and Technology Commission of the Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as the National Science and Technology Council). From 2008 to 2013, he served as the project chief host of the "Excellent Digital Learning Science Research Center" in the national plan of digital archives and digital learning of the National Science Council, leading and promoting the integration of research projects Quite a lot of experience. From 2011 to 2016, he served as the chief project director of the Science Education Research Center of the "Towards the Top University Project" subsidized by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan Normal University, striving to develop and improve the scientific literacy of the whole people in the future. At present, nearly 150 papers have been published (including accepted) in journals with censorship systems at home and abroad, and nearly 100 of them are included in the SCI/SSCI (Science/Social Science Citation Index) journal database.

Note: the above bio was a direct translation from Prof. Chang's personal website using Google Translate. For more accurate bio, please visit Prof. Chang's website directly. 

Cris Castro Alonso

Dr Juan Cristobal Castro-Alonso (Cris Castro) is a Biochemist, Master’s in Communication and Education, and PhD in Education working at University of Birmingham. He is principal investigator and collaborator in research projects about educational psychology, cognitive science, STEM education, and multimedia learning. He has a proven record in quantitative experimental design, data processing, and statistical analyses. Dr Cris Castro is editor in the prestigious international journals Educational Psychology ReviewPLOS ONEFrontiers in Psychology, and Educational and Developmental Psychologist. He has edited and coauthored the book “Visuospatial processing for education in health and natural sciences” (2019, Springer), and has published more than 30 journal articles and book chapters.

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