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Fan Ouyang

Prof. Fan Ouyang (欧阳璠), is a ZJU 100 Young Professor at the College of Education, Zhejiang University, China. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in the United States and majored in technology. She has an interdisciplinary background in education, computer science and technology, software theory, and information technology. Her research interests and expertise include computer-supported collaborative learning, learning analysis and educational data mining, artificial intelligence education, online and blended learning, etc. The current research directions mainly include the construction and empirical research of new teaching models in colleges and universities, learning analysis and educational data mining application and optimization research, and the development and teaching application of artificial intelligence education theory

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Florence Martin

Prof. Florence Martin is a Professor in Learning, Design and Technology at North Carolina State University. She received her Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Educational Technology from Arizona State University. Prior to her current position, she was a Full Professor at University of North Carolina Charlotte and a tenured Associate Professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington for 15 years. She has worked on instructional design projects for Shooolini University, Viridis Learning, Maricopa Community College District, University of Phoenix, Intel, Cisco Learning Institute, and Arizona State University and taught online for  Walden University. She teaches courses on Learning, Design and Technology 100% online and has received Quality Matters Certification for eight of her courses. She was the first place winner of the Crystal Award from the Division of Distance Learning in Association of Educational Communications and Technology in 2015 which is given to innovative and outstanding multimedia-based distance learning courses. While at UNC Charlotte, she developed the Post-Masters Certificate in University and College Teaching,  Ed.D., and PhD. Learning Design and Technology concentrations at UNC Charlotte. She led efforts to receive program level quality matters certification for the Instructional Systems Technology Program and endorsement for the Graduate Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology while at UNC Charlotte.

Dr. Martin engages in research to create transformative learning experiences through effective design and integration of digital teaching and learning innovations. In recent years, she has researched on the design of online learning environments, cybersecurity and computer science education, and competencies for learning and development professionals to provide equitable learning opportunities. She has published the results of her research in several leading journals in the field of instructional technology including Educational Technology Research and Development, Computers and Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, Internet and Higher Education, Educational Research Review, American Journal of Distance Education and Educational Technology & Society. Some of the research themes she is currently investigating include digital safety, teaching programming online, meta-analysis on online learning, online instructor roles and strategies.