Introduction is a platform where online journal club (OJC) events can be hosted and attended by researchers and research students in the domain of education science, who share their research literature reading experience with a global audience. 

Although the initiative derives from the education science domain, its ripple effect can benefit many other stakeholders such as school teachers, researchers of other domains, industry players, and government decision-makers. 


In July 2021 Dr. Jingjing Lin created an open web platform The goal is to establish an online community so that members can co-create free tutorials on how to improve work efficiency of researchers. It was a hobby project but has attracted voluntary support from other young researchers at different universities globally. Since its launch in August, the platform has welcomed 423 users mainly from Japan, China, United States, India, Germany, and Hong Kong. 

Dr. Lin was inspired by the interest from the community, and decided to grow it into a research and development project. She submitted an application to apply for the JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists funding on September 2021. 

The JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists funding application got approved in April 2022. The approved project's duration is three years between April 2022 and March 2025. The approved amount of grant is ¥3,600,000 (currency: Japanese Yen). 

In August 2022, ResearchIC received research funding (¥140,000, Japanese yen) from the Moodle Association of Japan MAJ R&D Grant 2022 to conduct research and development of the promised topic between 2022 and 2023. 

The hobby project officially began its serious development as a public-funding supported project.

Associated Research

The approved JSPS research project is "Impact of Online Journal Club on Educational Research Literacy: Towards New Model, Measurement, and Practice". Details can be found below:
The approved MAJ research project is "To enhance the research literacy of research students in Japan and China: An online intervention using Moodle and Mahara". Details can be found below:

Project Development 

The new direction of developing ResearchIC into an OJC hosting platform was implemented in October 2022. Since then, ResearchIC focuses on online training of research literacy using OJC events in the domain of education science. Details of the development are constantly updated on the ResearchIC Development page.

100 OJC Events

The core contribution of ResearchIC in the coming two years (2023-2024) will be to host the first global-scale online journal club events in the domain of education science, called "100 OJC Events".

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