Thank you for your interest in collaborating with the project of ResearchIC 100 OJCs. In the following paragraphs, I will introduce briefly the project, how you can collaborate in this project, and payment to your collaboration.

1. Project introduction

The detailed introduction of this project can be found on the pages of "About ResearchIC" and "Introduce OJCs". 

Note that this project aims to teach novice readers the necessary procedural knowledge on how to read and interpret others’ papers in the education science domain. Therefore, the focus of your sharing should be on explaining your strategies and techniques of reading research papers instead of reading the selected papers per se. The selected paper is only to serve as an example so that you can explain your reading strategies and techniques in a context. 

2. How to collaborate?

2.1. Decide on the collaboration format: pre-recording or online LIVE event. The difference between these two formats is that pre-recording is recorded by researchers at their own convenient date and time, and the LIVE event takes place on a specific date and time with an audience while you are presenting. The audience may also ask questions at the end of the event. 

2.2. Agree to collaborate by sending "I agree" using this form. If you have done it before, you do not need to submit it again.

2.3. To ensure that all legal aspects of our collaboration are in order, I kindly request that you read and sign the copyright and consent form when convenient. Should you have any questions or require clarification regarding the form, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Notes: Upon receiving your agreement in step 2.2. and your copyright and consent form in step 2.3., your account will be created by the system administrator within 48 hours. The system admin will enroll your account to the course of "Action Guide for Collaborators in 100 OJCs" so that you can submit expected collaboration deliverables. Your bio page will be created within Researchers Hub, and your event page will be created under Online Journal Clubs

2.4. Expected collaboration deliverables from you 



Pre-recorded video

Online LIVE event


(1) It is recommended to select a good quality, open-accesspeer review journal article that was
 published on topics related to educational researchThe journal article should be of open-access so that using it in your video is permitted without the need to clear the copyright.

(2) If you choose sharing via Pre-recording, please record a video (minimum duration: 15 minutes) at your own pace to demonstrate and explain how you read the selected research articleThe purpose of such sharing is more towards procedural knowledge of yours when reading and analyzing a paper instead of introducing the domain knowledge present in a paper. The following video can give you a brief overview of the expectations. Note that these demonstrations are from the first recruitment and the expected length of the video was much longer than 15 minutes back then. 

(3) If you choose sharing via Online LIVE event, please communicate with the event coordinator either by email or using the given form the arrangement for the event. The duration of the event is to be around 30 minutes.

3. Honorarium of cash reward*

(* In case of international respondents who reside outside Japan, the international remittance fees will be deducted and therefore the final received amount may be less)

The honorarium will be paid through international bank transfer to each collaborator. The expected payment amount is as follows:

  • around 30,000 yen (professors)
  • around 20,000 yen (associate professors)
  • around 12,000 yen (assistant professors)
  • around   8,000 yen (postdocs and below)

The above amounts are just for your reference. The exact amount will be determined by the accounting office at Toyohashi University of Technology according to the payment regulation and standard at Toyohashi University of Technology, and evaluation of the submitted materials by the collaborators.

For the accounting purpose, please finish the following activities as soon as possible if you wish to be paid.

Certificate of Service

Each event host will receive a Certificate of Service. Example is provided below.

Other Benefits

  • Open access to all OJCs: Free access to all 100 OJCs on ResearchIC.
  • Social networking and research outreach: The events will connect global educational researchers and postgraduate students in the domain of education science. Moreover, the events are open to user registration from the general public, the other sectors, and researchers/students from other discipline. If you are using self-authored paper in your event, it is a good opportunity to expand the outreach of your research.
  • Listed as a research consultant: as a collaborator, you will have the choice of being listed as one of the research consultants on ResearchIC's website. It sells your research consulting to registered users on the platform. This benefit is optional and you can opt out without influencing any benefit stated above.

FAQ and guidance for hosts

This is a list of frequently asked questions on FAQ and Guidance for event hosts.


There is technically no one single dealine for collaborating in this project. The delivery date is very flexible and negotiable. However, the following details should be considered.

  • For initiating the payment procedure, I need to inform the accounting staff one month in advance before receiving your recording or your LIVE event date. 
    • For instance, if you plan to submit your video or deliver your event on December 11, 2023, I will need to know it before November 10, 2023 so that I can inform the accounting office at my university.

Important notice

All collaborators and OJC participants, by participating in this open call and engaging with 100 OJCs on ResearchIC, agree to have their user data collected and analyzed for research purposes. 

How to become collaborator

Most collaborators in 100 OJCs are invited by email individually. If not invited, you can still join the project as collaborators, please contact Dr. Jingjing Lin by email to:


Any inquiry should be sent to

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