In July 2021 Dr. Jingjing Lin created an open web platform The goal is to establish an online community so that members can co-create free tutorials on how to improve work efficiency of researchers.


It was a hobby project but has attracted voluntary support from other young researchers at different universities globally. Since its launch in August, the platform has welcomed 423 users mainly from Japan, China, United States, India, Germany, and Hong Kong.


During this year, the following people volunteered their support or help to the idea and contributed discussions.


  • Dr. Jingjing Lin (credit: web development, content writing, project management)
  • Ms. Cindy Liang (credit: discussions, content writing, web content editor)
  • Dr. Ting Liu (credit: discussions)
  • Dr. Jiayu Sun (credit: logo design, LinkedIn page building)
  • Ms. Ting Liu (credit: discussions)
  • Mr. Kristoffer Balintona (credit: discussions)
  • Mr. Goran Josic (credit: technical support)

Dr. Lin furthermore grew interest in conducting some research based on the idea of this project. She then submitted an application for the JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists funding on September 2021.

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