Author: Jingjing Lin

Different journals have different format requirements. Some journals provide template files for authors to directly use. Below is a piece of instruction that guides you to apply a template file to your word document so that the required format is directly applied automatically.

To format an existing document using the template (it is advisable to make a backup copy of your manuscript file before doing this):

  • When the template is in place, open your manuscript in Word.
  • To view the styles in your document, click Home. The Styles gallery appears in the top right of the screen. Click the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the box to open the Styles pane.
  • To activate the Custom Toolbars, click File → Options → Customize Ribbon. The Word Options dialog box appears.
  • On the right-hand side under Customize the Ribbon, select Main Tabs from the dropdown menu. In the list below, ensure the Developer and Add-Ins options are checked, click OK.
  • Click Developer → Document Template.
  • In the dialog box, click Attach; navigate to and select the T&F Template Word 2016 file, click Open.
  • Ensure the Automatically update document styles checkbox has been checked (any items under Global templates and add-ins might need to be temporarily unchecked in order to enable the Add-ins tab to appear), then click OK.
  • The Add-ins tab should now be visible at the top of your screen. Click the tab; the custom toolbars should appear below it.
  • Highlight or click within a portion of text, for example, the article title, look for the name of the appropriate style in the custom toolbar, and click the toolbar to apply it.
  • Proceed through the document applying the styles as needed for your article. Word will add the appropriate amount of space between each paragraph, so additional ‘empty’ paragraphs in your document will be unnecessary in most cases.
  • Save As a Word Document (.docx) in your preferred location with your file name of choice.

Note: The above instruction is provided by Taylor & Francis as instruction for how to use the author template. Read the source content here.

Last modified: Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 3:37 PM