Author: Jingjing Lin


This post introduces multiple websites that can be online tools to match your manuscript with journals. It can assist you in choosing a suitable publication outlet for a manuscript.


Prepare title, abstract, and keywords. For the following tools to work. You have to have fixed title, abstract, and keywords.


Online journal selector tools.

Tool 1: Web of Science Master Journal List

Tool 2: Springer Journal Suggester

Tool 3: Edanz Journal Selector

Tool 4: MDPI Journal Selector

Tool 5: Elsevier Journal Finder

Tool 6: Taylor & Francis Journal Suggester


Input title/abstract/keywords to search for journals. Different tools ask for different inputs. But usually, the abstract is a must to search for a suitable journal.


Use the journal index lists to judge the quality. The journal suggestor tools will give you a list of matched journals. However, you still want to judge the quality of these journals and pick the better quality outlets to consider publishing with them.

Besides the quality indicators available on the journal suggestor tools, you can also use existing journal index lists to help you understand the position and reputation of the journals.

Tool 1: Scimagojr


Visit the home page of the journal. After selecting a journal for publication, visit its home page to read in detail:

  • Journal’s aims and scope
  • Author guideline
  • Archived articles

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