Author: Jingjing Lin

#1. Create a project

If you prefer text tutorial, you can directly visit ResearchGate Help

Creating a project is quick and easy.

#2. Add collaborators

It is fun to work with people. You will discover many unnoticed corners in the world by borrowing the perspectives of diverse collaborators. Add your collaborators to the research project on ResearchGate is also to demonstrate your connection, your ability of teamwork, and your spirit of collaboration.

#3. Write project logs

Keep a habit of writing the updates from your research project on a regular basis. You do not need to pour all your research work diary into this section, but to share with people who are interested in your project the progress of it is a good way to build research outreach, stimulate peer conversation, and receive some feedback from the community. Who knows, maybe you will also get future collaboration over it.

#4. Add references

ResearchGate was made to research preprints. If you do not know what is preprint yet, you can give this article a read. You will find so many preprints and even after-prints of research publications on RG. Add relevant references to your project can also possibly establish your professional network.

#5. Upload files

You can upload different kinds of files to your project including preprints, data file, proposal, presentation, etc. This video is only to demonstrate you how to upload a file and add it to your project on ResearchGate.

#6. Share results

The final step is to share the research outputs to the project on ResearchGate. Pay attention that you will need to upload your research outputs as files to your account first. Then at the bottom of your project page on ResearchGate, you will be able to choose to share preprint or article. If you want to unlink the research ouput files from your project, simply go to the Project logs and delete the post which shows these files were added to the project. Once the post is deleted, you will find the files’ association with the project is also removed.

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