Author: Jingjing Lin

Step 1

Install Zotero extension in your chrome browser. Find the extension here.

Step 2

Install the Zotero app on your computer. Download the Zotero application here.

Step 3

Open your Zotero app. No matter it is to write while you cite using Zotero, or import citations from the browser to your Zotero, you need to have the Zotero app open on the computer.

Step 4

Create a new folder inside Zotero using the journal name as the folder’s name.

Step 5

Go to the journal, open each issue of the journal in a different tab of the chrome browser.

Step 6

Click the Zotero extension icon in the browser’s bookmark bar, select all records in the pop-up window, and click ok to save the selection and add the records to the Zotero journal folder created in step 5.

Step 7

Repeat step 6 until all issues of the journal got exported to Zotero.

最終更新日時: 2022年 10月 26日(水曜日) 15:39