I want a Chrome extension that can display a button under each piece of scientific literature shown on Google Scholar. The button is cross checking the existence of this scientific literature's title in the course titles inside the course database of my Moodle instance available at https://researchic.com. Also, I need the extension to be future-proof in Manifest V3. 

The extension should be able to do the following tasks:

  • It displays three OJC buttons ("Check OJC", "Join OJC", "Create OJC") under each article record on Google Scholar
  • When a user clicks "Check OJC" button under an article, the extension copies the "article title" of that specific article from Google Scholar
  • It then uses the "article title" to search for the "course titles" in the course database of Moodle (researchic.com); be aware that in ResearchIC, a course was created using the "article title" of the article that will be read in the course as its "course title".
  • If it finds a match between "article title" and "course title", the extension highlights the button "Join OJC". When the user clicks the button, it will land on the corresponding course page.
  • If it finds no match, the extension highlights "Create OJC" button. When the user clicks the button, it will land on the Login page and ask the user to sign in; once the user signs in, the page will be redicted to the course creation page.

Please send your proposal to lin@cite.tut.ac.jp. Thanks!

Below are some screnshots of ideas.

For example, the article "Learning Foreign Language Vocabulary with Gestures and Pictures Enhances Vocabulary Memory for Several Months Post-Learning in Eight-Year-Old School Children". 
The user clicks "Check OJC". The extension checks the course titles in Moodle and found one exact match (cannot be partial match).

The extension highlights the button "Join OJC" on Google Scholar. When the user clicks the button "Join existing OJC", s/he will be directed to the course page
If, however, this article-course titles match was not found, the button "Create OJC" will be highlighted, and the user can click the button to be directed to login and then the creation page.

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